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All American Florist Scam

Phony local florist scams usually take three elements:

This story features the latest deceptive advertising tactics being used by All American Florist with the help of Teleflora, FTD and Idearc/

All American Florist and All American Flowers, owned by Aah Marketing of 4201 Church Road, Suite 2, Mt. Laurel, NJ, is a Teleflora and FTD affiliate marketer and not a flower shop at all.  This affiliate has purchased local phone numbers in countless communities across the US and has arranged to have the calls forwarded to its New Jersey-based call center.  

All American Florist recently ramped up the marketing budget and has partnered with Idearc/ to place their phony 'local' listings, complete with map locations, to convince flower buyers they are real florists located in communities across the US.  Here they are pretending to be in Harrisburg, PA, complete with a local zip code, local phone number and map point.


This is precisely to kind of deceptive advertising addressed in Pennsylvania's newly passed legislation prohibiting the use of local florist phone numbers that forward to out-of-state-call centers.     

Idearc/ pinpoints All American's 'locations' in communities all across the US. The image below shows them 'located' in Olympia, WA, again with a local Olympia phone number, zip code and map point.



Once a shopper follows the Olympia link (or any other city link), they land on a city-specific page like the one seen for Olympia below. The text is crafted to make shoppers believe they are buying from a real local flower shop.  


Flower orders destined for Olympia purchased through this site include added 'shipping' fees above what local florists in Olympia charge. During the process, Aah Marketing also takes a 20% cut of each order, with Teleflora or FTD earning a 7% cut depending on which wire service Aah Marketing sends the order. By the time the order gets back to Olympia, a serious chunk of consumers' dollars have been removed without their knowledge.

It's disgusting to see this affiliate, the wire services, and this Yellow Page publisher all willing to so deliberately deceive consumers in their pursuits of profits.

We urge all consumers and florists to file complaints with their State Attourneys General and the U S Federal Trade Commission and request they put a stop to this outrageous deceit of flower buyers.