Florist Detectives. Consumer Information about alleged deceptive and misleading florist advertising and marketing practices.

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Reporting Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices of Florists and Flower Sellers to the FTC

For US Consumers:

The US Federal Trade Commission wants to hear from you.

Have you been deceived into purchasing from a company presenting itself as a local florist that turned out to be a third party call center? Did you get less flowers than you paid for when the seller deducted undisclosed fees - or get no flowers at all?

Did you receive flowers shipped by courier in a box when you believed you were purchasing a professionally designed arragement?

Were you promised 'free delivery' on local florist-delivered flowers by a national flower marketer only to later find out delivery charges were deducted from your purchase and you received less flowers?

According to Mary Engel of the FTC, "Not enough consumers are complaining about it to really bring it to the attention of law enforcement authorities."

To file a complaint with the FTC, you may do the following:

Fill out the FTC online form
or Call the FTC Consumer Fraud Complaint Line at  877-382-4357

Additional Tips for Filing A Complaint About Misleading Florist Advertising and Marketing

1. Tell the FTC where you found the ad, web address or phone number of  the third-party call center. The list may include your local White Pages, Yellow Pages, an online directory, a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or MSN or a phone company's directory assistance operator.

2. Call the local florist that actually delivered your flowers or gift and request they provide you with a copy of the order as it was received from the third-party seller. Ask the florist to identify the wire service or relay network used to transmit the order, if applicable. Then file a complaint with the third-party marketer's wire service as well.

3. If you ordered online, take a photo of what was delivered and make a copy of the image you were sold.

4. Make a copy of your itemized receipt for your records.

5. File a copy of your complaint with your state's Attorney General's office.

If you have been unsuccessful in obtaining a refund, please contact us and we will do our best to help you get your money back.