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Not Your Local Florist

The first lesson of savvy flower buying is to know with whom you're dealing and where they're located. Did you really want to send your credit card information to India, Uruguay, or Bulgaria?

The following companies are not-your-local-florist unless, of course, you happen to be ordering arrangements in or near the city where they operate their actual flower shops, if they have one. In most cases, you will be charged a service/relay/handling/shipping/convenience fee ranging from $7.95 to more than $25.00 for these brokers to forward your order to a local florist.

Below is a chart of companies (sadly some are run by real florists) which heavily promote their 'order gathering' operations via advertising vehicles that may confuse consumers as to their actual localities and the true nature of service they provide.

Affiliated Web Sites

Real Flower Operation*/ Location

'Service/Shipping/ Delivery'


Displays Licensed Wire Service Images from

Call Center

Bellaire, TX


Charges an $ 9.95 'delivery fee' which they fail to forward on to local florists for the actual delivery. National print and internet yellow pages, city-specific Google Adwords and Overture ads which fail to disclose their actual location . Skimming order value.

FTD, Teleflora
Broadway Florist

Flowers & Balloons

M L Flowers

San Clemente, CA with a call center in Mission Viejo, CA and a phony flower shop location address in Dana Point, CA


$11.50 - 11.99 plus an additional service charge of $4.99 to forward your same-day order.

Better Business Bureau ratings of ' F ' for Flower Shop and Guaranteed Florist plus

consumer complaints alleging fee gougingpoor customer service and skimming.

Use of misleadling markdowns and discounts.

False claims of being in business since 1910 and being " Your City's Finest Florist" in Google Adwords.


Teleflora, FTD

International Florist

Vancouver, BC

$9.99 'service charge' plus bogus 5% 'local sales tax' Falsely claims 'free delivery' and 'free vase' in Google Ads

Has been listed on the Vancouver, BC BBB Buyer's Alert



Burnaby BC, Canada


$8.95 'delivery charge' which is reported by florists as not being sent for delivery and Yahoo! advertiser falsely claiming 'free delivery'.

Use of misleading markdowns.




Los Angeles, CA


$9.99 + an additional delivery cost pad which is included in the arrangement price. 'Shipping' fee does not appear until after credit card information is entered


Suspended by Teleflora
and thousands more

Leamington, ON Canada


$9.95 with local florist deliver fees being deducted from the value of the arrangements shown


Primarily direct-ship boxed flowers but allow affiliates to falsely claim to be florists in specific US cities with 'free delivery. FTD

All American Florist

All American Flowers and Gifts



Mt. Laurel, NJ

$8.95 service fee

Local phone numbers with phony map locations forwarding to their New Jersey call center

Teleflora, FTD


Atlanta, GA

Norcross, GA and addresses using P.O. Boxes throughout the US

$10.99 'shipping' fee - a service charge that does not pay for the actual shipping/delivery by a local florist.

Atlanta Better Business Bureau rating of 'Unsatisfactory' plus consumer complaints alleging misleading location information and non-delivery.


AAA Flower Mart

Culver City, CA

varies but usually included in the price of the flowers 'local' advertiser falsely claiming 'free delivery'



Flowers of the Day

Cambridge, MA

included in the price of the flowers

False claims of 'free delivery' in Google Ads



Montevideo, Uruguay

$9.95 'Service and local delivery' fee

Doorway pages targeting specific US cities




florist delivery affiliate of,

Old Saybrook, CT

$9.99 service charge in addition to flowers and local delivery fees.

Extra fee of $3.99 for 'same-day' and weekend delivery.

Read more about some of their alleged dubious marketing and business practices here .


Hanna Florist,

Toronto, ON

Included in total price of order. False claims of 'free delivery.'

Doorway pages targeting city names

FTD, Teleflora


Vancouver, BC

$8.99 + an additional delivery cost pad which is included in the arrangement price.

Sites, doorway pages and advertising targeting US and Canadian city names.

Read about a recent rip-off attempt



Perry's Florist

Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

$8.99 'service charge' + an additional delivery cost pad which is included in the arrangement price.

Operated a faux directory where links using local florist business names across the US all lead to their site.


Tillson Florist

Tillson, NY

$7.95 'delivery' fee

Uses price comparisons to



Vancouver Flower Company

Vancouver, BC

$9.95 + an additional delivery cost pad which is included in the arrangement price.

Read more about this company here and here

suspended by FTD

Gift Services, Inc.


Vancouver, WA

$9.95 + and additional delivery cost pad which is included in the arrangement price

Doorway-style pages and

Overture ads using city-specific URL's





Vienna/Haymarket, VA

$12.99 - 25.99 plus additional service fees for same-day delivery

The 'service fees' are buried in the sites on these types of pages, otherwise they are not disclosed until after you've entered your credit card information.


Pugh's Florist

Baton Rouge, LA


Uses doorway pages for most US cities. Definitely not in Birmingham

FTD, Teleflora

Adrian Durban Florist

Cincinnati, OH

$9.95 'transaction' fee which is included in the total arrangement price. Delivery fees are also deducted by the actual filling florist.

Small print on this page - "All inclusive pricing includes a $9.95 transaction fee"

FTD, Teleflora



Bombay, India

Total price includes service charge and delivery. False claims of 'free delivery.'

US phone number forwards to India.

They Claim "No Extra Tax".

They don't have to pay US sales taxes since they're not in the US.


The Red Lily

Huntington Beach, CA

Total price includes service and delivery. False claims of 'free delivery.'

Google Ads

Yahoo Ads

Floral Source

* In some cases, orders transferred to real local florists via wire services like FTD, Teleflora and FloralSource may be cloaked under under the banner of the main flower shop or an alternate business name.

** Some sites charge what they call a 'Shipping' fee even though florist-delivered arrangements are not 'shipped.' Consumers are basically paying a convenience or handling fee since, in most cases, a 'pad' of $5 to cover local deliver is simply added to the prices of the arrangements.